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Karen Fairchild-Westbrook
Indiana State Fair 2002

Kimberly Roads
Indiana State Fair 2002

Phillip Sweet
Indiana State Fair 2002

Jimi Westbrook
Indiana State Fair 2002

Pics of LBT

Karen Fairchild
Birthday: September 28
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Hobbies: Working out, decorating, shopping
Favorite Cartoon Character: Lucy (from Charlie Brown)
Favorite Movie: "Almost Famous"
Favorite TV Show: "The Practice"
Favorite Country Song: "The Song Remembers When"
Favorite Country Album: The Judds: Why Not Me

In five words, Karen is... "mysterious, careful, loving, intense, hard-working".
Nobody knows that... "The scar on my face is from playing powder puff football in high school."
(By the way, Karen averaged 35 yards a carry.)
I wish I could... "Fly to a fashion week in Paris and someday debut my own clothing line there."
I've always had a crush on... "George Clooney. He's a man's man, just like my husband."
My biggest vice is... "The obsessive amounts of magazines I buy a month."
Kimberly Roads

Birthday: October 15
Hometown: Cornelia, GA
Hobbies: Cooking, flea-marketing, running
Favorite Cartoon Character: Foghorn Leghorn
Favorite Movie: "It's A Wonderful Life"
Favorite TV Show: "I Love Lucy"
Favorite Country Song: "Roses In The Snow"
Favorite Country Album: Emmylou Harris: Roses In The Snow

In five words, Kimberly is... "Southern, nurturing, playful, peace-keeping, nervous."
Nobody knows that... "I dropped out of kindergarten because I was afraid of the firedrill."
I wish I could... "Be the voice of a character in a Disney movie."
I've always had a crush on... "Jimmy Stewart."
My biggest vice is... "My morning ritual - certain things at a certain time - starting with coffee and Fox News with my husband and cats."


Phillip Sweet

Birthday: March 18th
Hometown: Cherokee Village, Arkansas
Hobbies: Basketball, golf
Favorite Cartoon Character: Scooby Doo
Favorite Movie: "Braveheart"
Favorite TV Show: "Seinfeld"
Favorite Country Song: "Bluest Eyes In Texas"
Favorite Country Album: Restless Heart: Bluest Eyes In Texas

In five words, Phillip is... "caring, passionate, eccentric, brave, oblivious."
Nobody knows that... "When I was 10 years old, my two older brothers and I would take off in my dad's blue Pinto and pretend we were the Dukes of Hazard by taking turns climbing out of the window and holding onto the roof like Bo & Luke."
I wish I could... "fly in space."
I've always had a crush on... "My kindergarten teacher Mrs. Heinke. She was so pretty and she gave me the big smiley face sticker one day for making best grade in the class."
My biggest vice is... "Making an ice mug of chocolate milk, Chips Ahoy cookies, and the History Channel."


Jimi Westbrook

Birthday: October 20
Hometown: Sumiton, AL
Hobbies: Sony Playstation II, basketball
Favorite Cartoon Character: Tazmanian Devil
Favorite Movie: "Almost Famous"
Favorite TV Show: "The Sopranos"
Favorite Country Song: "Country Boy Can Survive"
Favorite Country Album: Willie Nelson: Red Headed Stranger

In five words, Jimi is... "mischievous, compassionate, spiritual, stubborn, goofy."
Nobody knows that... "I hid in my girlfriend's closet while she and her father had a lengthy conversation followed by lunch. I was trapped until they left the house."
I wish I could... "Grow five inches taller and be a power forward in the NBA."
I've always had a crush on... "Olivia Newton-John."
My biggest vice is... "Dr. Pepper and Playstation II until sunrise."

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